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Covid-Safe Workplaces

Stroud District Green Party has called for workplaces to have a certified and published plan for Covid-safety to be in place before employees are required to return to work. Following the Prime Minister’s call for a return to work, Greens are clear that the return should not resemble the piecemeal and haphazard procedure for locking […]

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Green Councillors call for life saving plan for end of lockdown

Stroud District Green Councillors call to save lives in the future by creating new local public health workforce to track and trace future corona outbreaks. Gloucestershire County Councillor, Rachel Smith (Green Minchinhampton), has welcomed the Government’s announcement to move quickly towards establishing a network of contact tracers for identifying all people with the Corona virus […]

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Green Councillors join call for Universal Basic Income to support us all through covid crisis

Local Green District and County Councillors join over 100 MPs and Peers across seven parties for the introduction of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in response to COVID-19. The letter to Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer was published in the Financial Times on April 22, 2020. The joint statement calls for a recovery UBI […]

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Building a Community Shield to Suppress the Coronavirus

The Green Party of England and Wales has released a report written by Molly Scott Cato, making the case for an approach to the corona virus pandemic which combines testing with the establishment of ‘community shields’: a network of locally-based community protection schemes. Professor Scott Cato said: “From the beginning of this crisis, our government […]

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