The Green Party is run through the volunteer work of our members.

You can log-in and manage your membership at

Logged-in members can also access the national 'Green Room' membership website here where you will find the Green Spaces discussion platform and other information for members.

Weekly bulletin

All Stroud District Green Party members should receive our weekly e-mail bulletin which contains updates on local events, actions and news.

If you are not getting the bulletin, check your membership of the Green Party is set to Stroud District, or contact our membership officer on


Find out more about joining the Green Party here. Once you join, as long as your address is within Stroud District, you should start getting invites to events from the local party.

If this does not happen, let our membership officer know, and we'll be sure to add you to the right list.

get involved

If you'd like to get involved with the party with the strongest and most consistent voice on climate action and social injustice - fill out our form here.