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Budget: Government funding commitment needed to make sure all Stroud homes are warm and to set up local/national government climate task force

The government must commit to funding innovations proposed by the Green Party if all residents of Stroud District are to get the chance to live in properly insulated and warm homes, said Stroud-based economist Molly Scott Cato ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget tomorrow (October 27). Molly, who is the Green Party’s Finance & Economy spokesperson, […]

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Greens welcome District Council’s budget proposals on climate change & Covid

Councillors Norman Kay and Catherine Braun next to a building site.

FEBRUARY 4, 2021 Stroud District Green Party has welcomed Stroud District Council’s budget proposals (published on Wednesday 3 Feb), which strengthen the council’s capacity to deliver on its commitment to make the district carbon neutral by 2030. Nailsworth Green Councillor and Horsley Climate Action Network member Norman Kay said: “Achieving carbon neutrality will need an enormous effort […]

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