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How can we build back better?

As we are now beginning to imagine life after lockdown, what are we imagining?

While we have all been in the same storm, we have been in different boats – with some families facing much greater difficulties than others (think single parent in a flat with kids or a care-worker with inadequate PPE). Some families, like ours, have lost loved ones, and we are all justifiably fearful of a return of the storm.

But many of us have also learnt new things: the importance of friends and family, neighbours helping each other, appreciating cleaner air, local food, and for some the chance to work from home. We also recognise that for some the stress has been intolerable, jobs lost, domestic violence, mental health and going into debt.

So what are we imagining? Going back to life as it was before? Recession and austerity for the poor as the Government tries to pay back the money borrowed?

Or can we build back better – with more sharing, more equality, a basic income for all, a better work-life balance, less waste and more sustainable living? Will we invest in greener technologies for the future rather than the polluting ones of the past? Will we learn from the lack of preparedness for Covid-19 to realise that we need to act now on the even bigger threat of climate change?

What are you hoping for? As leader of the Greens on the District Council I would like to hear views from all sides. And I would also like to know if you would like a District wide debate on what our local priorities for recovery should be? Can now be the time to imagine something better?

Please let me know through this short survey.

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