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Cloud Cafe has been a way for us to continue engagement, we've been hosting a series of online events, open to Green Party members and public - with panellists speaking on their area of expertise and a Q&A session for participants to engage.

See below for our last Cloud Cafe or see our YouTube channel for a full history of previous events.

How do we recover from the four-year nightmare that was Trump?

What does the future hold for American progressives confronted with a far right that is most likely not going away?

What does the Biden presidency mean for the US and the rest of the world facing two of the most serious crises in modern history: the climate crisis and the pandemic?

How do we make sure the issues of racial and economic injustice and inequality are put front and centre as we face the future?

Our speakers include:

- Rebecca Kemble who serves on the Board of Directors of the Madison Mutual Aid Network, and HUMANS, the global Mutual Aid Network. She serves as President of the Board of Directors for the online publication Toward FreedomToward Freedom and is a founding member of the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative.

Paul De Main, also known as Skabewis, a news journalist and Oneida/Ojibwe traditionalist. He is the Managing Editor and CEO of Indian Country Communications, News from Indian Country, and producer for Indian Country TV, based on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation in northern Wisconsin. He's a member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, and of Ojibwe descent, with relations on many Ojibwe reservations here in Wisconsin and Minnesota. He's also a former Indian Affairs Policy Advisor under Governor Anthony S. Earl from 1982-1986.

Larry Sanders - an American-British academic, social worker, politician, and health spokesperson of the Green Party of England and Wales. Sanders immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969 and became a university lecturer first at the University of West London and later at Oxford in the Department of Social Administration. He is the older brother of Bernie Sanders, United States Senator and twice U.S. presidential candidate.

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Previous cloud cafes

Our YouTube channel is the best place to see all of Stroud District Council videos, including the full serious of Cloud Cafes.

Below is a list of previous Cloud Cafe's to date, with panellists.

As we emerge from the Covid crisis we will still be facing the deeper and longer climate crisis. This is the year that all eyes will turn to the UK as the host country for the latest UN climate talks. Our speakers include:

  • Sarah Lunnon of the CEE Bill - in a previous life has been a historic building surveyor, a local authority councillor for the Green Party, representing Stroud at District and County level and the coordinator of Extinction Rebellion's Political Circle. She is now working with the CEE Bill Alliance, lobbying to change the law to protect our future.

  • Carla Denyer on the Green's 10 point climate plan - Green Party councillor in Bristol. In 2018 she proposed the first Climate Emergency motion in Europe. Before entering politics, Carla worked as an engineer in the renewable energy industry, specialising in offshore and onshore wind technology. She was the 2019 Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, and was also a candidate in the 2019 European Elections.

  • Laura Baldwin from Green's CAN (Climate Action Network) - Green Party member, mother, Olympic sailor, activist, community connector, building resilience and environmental restoration. The Green's CAN was established in November 2020 in response to the governments inadequate action on the climate and ecological emergency.
  • With local planning and regulatory authorities failing to control pollution, community groups around the country are responding to the challenge of monitoring and protecting their local environments.
    Our speakers include:

  • Nicola Cutcher, member of Friends of the Upper Wye and producer of the forthcoming live documentary Rivercide to be presented by George Monbiot and directed by Franny Armstrong.
  • Paul Powlesland, founder of Lawyers for Nature and Friends of the River Roding.
  • Ashley Smith, Windrush Against Sewage Pollution.
  • Karen Shackleton - Ilkley Clean River Campaign (who succeeded in making the River Wharfe the first river in the UK to be granted bathing water status).
  • Panellists include:

  • Greg Pilley (Stroud Brewery).
  • Nick Weir (Open Food Network).
  • Molly Scott Cato (Green economist).
  • Ashley Dickenson (Stancombe Farm).
  • Panellists include:

  • Sarah Dixon and James Beecher (Stroud Coronavirus Community Response)
  • Lynn Haanen (Stroud District Green Party)
  • Tom Scott (Writer, Editor & Lecturer)
  • 09.09.20 - Cloud Cafe - The Politics of Climate: Where are we now?

    Panellists include:

    • Sarah Lunnon - Former Green Party Councillor on District, County and Town for Stroud. Coordinator of the Extinction Rebellion's Political Circle and currently working with an alliance groups to highlight the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.
    • Riccardo Mastini - PhD candidate in Ecological Economics & Political Ecology at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Member of the academic collective Research & Degrowth and of the international network Wellbeing Economy Alliance. Policy advisor for the international campaign Green New Deal for Europe.
    • Robert Noyes - From Platform London - a campaigning organisation focusing on social, economic and environmental impacts of the global oil industry. Platform combine art, activism, education and research in one organisation

    08.07.20 - Cloud Cafe - Build Back Better across Europe

    Panellists include:

    • Ville Niinistö - Finnish MEP, Greens Coordinator in #ITRE and former MP, Environment Minister and party leader.
    • Ernest Urtasun - Spanish ecosocialist politician & MEP - Vice President of Greens/EFA.
    • Laura MacKenzie - Senior Parliamentary Advisor on climate, nature, farming, food, post-growth politics & wellbeing economics.
    • Ruth Potts - Author at Green New Deal Group & Lead on GND APPG Reset Inquiry.

    24.06.20 - Cloud Cafe - Build Back Better 2 - This time it's local...

    Panellists include:

    • Will Mansell - Founder of the Foodbank & social enterprise entrepreneur.
    • Martin Large - Co-founder of Stroud Commonwealth & Chair of Oakbrook Community Farm Co-op.
    • Rebecca Trevalyan – Co-founder of Library of Things and high streets advocate.
    • William Frazer - NFU Gloucestershire County Adviser

    10.06.20 - Cloud Cafe - International Response to Covid-19

    Panellists include:

    • Miguel Polido - Director of Health Care Services for the Secretary of Health of Bogota, Colombia.
    • Adele Owen - Director of GARAS (Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.
    • Dr Yixian Sun - Lecturer & Assistant Professor in International Development at the University of Bath.
    • Fariba Alamgir - Postdoctoral Researcher for Centre for Development Studies at the University of Bath.

    27.05.20 - Cloud Cafe - Build Back Better

    Panellists include:

    • Cllr Catherine Braun - Green Party District Councillor for Wotton-under-Edge, North Nibley and Stinchcombe.
    • Professor Molly Scott Cato - Green Economist and former Green Party MEP for South West.
    • Hugh Barton - Town planner - Emeritus Professor of Planning, Health & Sustainability.
    • David Owen - CEO of Gloucestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (GFirstLEP).

    13.05.20 - Protecting Stroud District Community

    Panellists include:

    • Cabinet Member for Public Health and Communities representative.
    • Rachel Smith - Leader of the Green Group on Gloucestershire County Council.
    • Dr Richard Dean - Local GP.
    • Chris Jockel - Workplace Occupational Health & Safety expert.

    29.04.20 - Civil Liberties in the age of COVID-19

    Panellists include:

    • Martin Surl - Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire.
    • Jenny Jones - Green member of the House of Lords.
    • Tom Scott - Lecturer and author of a report on abuses of social media during the 2016 referendum.

    05.04.20 - Community Response to Covid-19

    Panellists include:

    • Molly Scott Cato - Green Party spokesperson on Finance & EU, former MEP.
    • Martin Whiteside - Leader of the Green Group on Stroud District Council.
    • Liz Whiteside - Stroudco.
    • Nick Weir - Open Food Network UK.
    • Catherine Braun – Green Stroud District Councillor, Wotton-under-Edge, North Nibley and Stinchcombe.