The role of the arts in social action: join our next Cloud Café discussion to hear how creativity can bring about change

Cloud Cafe - Action in Art and Art in Action - February 9th at 7.30PM

Action in Art & Art in Action is the theme for next month’s Cloud Café on Wednesday February 9. This discussion will feature some fantastic speakers who use their experience of the creative world to motivate, inspire and raise awareness for change.

The meeting is the latest in Stroud District Green Party’s regular Cloud Café debates. Organiser Elizabeth Lee said: “Stroud is such a creative place and there are many people here whose work aims to raise awareness about the important things affecting people and communities. We’ll hear how they do it – and why.”

To join the meeting, which takes place from 7.30pm to 9pm (or to receive a link to watch a recording another time), register here:

The speakers

Tweedy the Clown, entertainer from Giffords Circus, is an accomplished circus and theatre performer, musician and magician. Tweedy recently starred in Waiting for Godot at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham.

Emily Joy is a Stroud based sculptor, socially engaged artist and researcher whose work reflects environmental concerns. Fundamental to her work is the idea of self and other, and how we connect, care and share, which Emily sees as fundamental to the environmental crisis.

Sarah Nicolls is a pianist, composer and inventor of the two-metre-high ‘Inside-out Piano’. Her work ’12 Years’, a one-hour piece of original music and text, uses real interviews, speeches and headlines from an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change special report. Sarah is regularly broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and features on several CDs. 

Katharina Child is the environmental lead at a local company and runs Stroud community maker/art space Atelier. She has been convening a set of ‘Culture Reset’ dialogues in Stroud as a way of getting conversations going about the role of the arts in social action.