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Budget: Government funding commitment needed to make sure all Stroud homes are warm and to set up local/national government climate task force

The government must commit to funding innovations proposed by the Green Party if all residents of Stroud District are to get the chance to live in properly insulated and warm homes, said Stroud-based economist Molly Scott Cato ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget tomorrow (October 27). Molly, who is the Green Party’s Finance & Economy spokesperson, […]

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Government has not delivered promise of ‘Green Brexit’, say Stroud Greens

The government has failed “dismally but predictably” in its promise of a ‘green Brexit’, says Stroud District Green Party. A report on March 16 from a coalition of environment groups says the improvements promised by the government in 2017 have not been realised, and pressure to agree new trade deals and remove regulations mean the watering down of standards that stem […]

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Molly Scott Cato appointed to senior post at European Movement

Molly with EU banner

Molly Scott Cato, Green county council candidate for Stroud Central, has been elected to the National Executive Committee of the European Movement. The Green Party’s spokesperson on Brexit and a prominent Remain campaigner, Molly will now be part of a campaign to address the failing’s of the government’s Brexit deal, which has harmed the livelihoods […]

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Building a Community Shield to Suppress the Coronavirus

The Green Party of England and Wales has released a report written by Molly Scott Cato, making the case for an approach to the corona virus pandemic which combines testing with the establishment of ‘community shields’: a network of locally-based community protection schemes. Professor Scott Cato said: “From the beginning of this crisis, our government […]

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“Best Ever” results for Greens in Stroud Area

Greens stormed ahead of all the established political parties in Stroud area, beating Lib Dems, Labour and Conservative to finish 2nd, with 28% of the vote, just behind the Brexit Party. The Green vote in the Stroud area was one of the highest in the whole country. Green votes increased across Gloucestershire, the South-West and […]

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Finding a role, keeping a focus: reflections on enterprise, XR, law and politics

Stroud District Green Party Elections Group Co-ordinator, Tim Davies, writes: This week’s Stroud District Green Party meeting provided a fantastic reminder that, as recognition grows of the climate emergency we face, and the urgent actions needed, that there are many different roles needed to take forward a response. We opened our meeting with a minutes […]

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South West Green MEP arrested in nuclear bombs protest in Belgium

Green MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, is one of three MEPs arrested after breaking into a Belgian military airbase to protest against its stockpiling of American B61 nuclear bombs [1]. The MEPs scaled the perimeter fence and blocked the runway, unfurling a banner which read: “Europe Free of Nuclear weapons.” The MEPs are currently being held in a local police station and being questioned. They are likely to be released later today. […]

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