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Greens tape their mouths shut as gesture of sadness over incinerator protesters being silenced

Two local Green Party members made an impromptu visual statement by taping their mouths shut to show their sadness at the forced winding-up of incinerator campaign group Community R4C. Cllr Adrian Oldman and party activist Alan Mossman (left and right in picture) stuck masking tape over their mouths while visiting Stroud town centre, as a […]

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Javelin Park incinerator latest: our response as Gloucestershire County Council asks court to shut down Community R4C

Just a week after the long-delayed auditor’s report into the Javelin Park incinerator was finally presented to Gloucestershire County Council’s audit committee, the council is continuing with legal action to forcibly close down Community R4C, the Community Benefit Company that has brought the incinerator contract procurement irregularities to light. There will be an online hearing […]

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Report fails to prove Javelin Park contract was lawful: Greens demand changes to County Council’s procurement practice

After the long-delayed auditor’s report into the Javelin Park incinerator failed to establish that the incinerator was lawfully procured, Stroud District Green Party is calling for an end to the “culture of secrecy” around major contracts, and for lessons to be learnt from record-keeping and transparency failures in this case.     In the report, presented today […]

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Javelin Park incinerator latest: open letter to Cllr Mark Hawthorne, Leader of Gloucestershire County Council

Dear Cllr Hawthorne Last week we witnessed the extraordinary sight of GCC being heavily criticised by its own internal audit committee, over the secrecy surrounding the repeatedly delayed report into the cost of the Javelin Park incinerator. Members of the public can watch this video clip showing last week’s scenes at County Hall The […]

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Green Party reaction to Gloucestershire County Council’s legal action against CR4C over incinerator

Molly Scott Cato at Javelin Park

Responding to the news that Gloucestershire County Council is serving a winding up petition via the courts on the community benefit society Community R4C, Stroud District Green Party said: “In the week when the highly regarded Channel 4 Dispatches programme has highlighted the way public money is being wasted and recycling being burnt in Council […]

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