Green County Councillors continue opposition to incinerator

26 June 2017

On Wednesday, Green Party County Councillor Rachel Smith will second a motion calling for a halt to construction of the waste incinerator at Javelin Park, and for a full independent review into the contract.

Green Reaction to Queens Speech

24 June 2017

Brexit is a bad idea; but Teresa May and her gang leading us into it is a disaster...

General Election Results

09 June 2017

David Drew returns to parliament; Green vote squeezed by tactical voting

Green Party launches plan for a 'confident and caring Country'

26 May 2017

The Green Party promises Green MPs will protect the environment, reverse the privatisation of the NHS, give people a referendum on the terms of any Brexit deal and bring forward plans for a basic income and shorter working week. 

Places for People

22 May 2017

Imaginative design can create housing with a focus on community - Stroud co-housing is a great example.

Working With Nature

20 May 2017

Natural Flood Management reduces flood risk at low cost.

Why Vote Green

19 May 2017

Stroud District Green Party is urging all progressive voters in Stroud to vote positively.

Statement from Stroud Green Party 9th May 2017

09 May 2017

Greens – Progressive Alliance - ‘We tried to work with other parties for the common good’.

Stroud Greens double representation on County Council

05 May 2017

Eva Ward (Stroud Central) and Rachel Smith (Minchinhampton have been elected from the Stroud District to Gloucestershire County Council, doubling the Green Party representation at Shire Hall.

Statement from Stroud Green Party 24th April 2017

25 April 2017

The co-leaders of the National Green Party, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, have written to the leaders of the Labour and Liberal Democrats urging them to unite to stop the Tories ‘wrecking Britain’. Lucas and Bartley are calling for a meeting between party leaders to discuss ways to beat the Tories at the General Election and deliver a fairer voting system. We are waiting to see if there is any interest from Labour and Liberal Democrats.


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