Now We Know Why the Incinerator Contract was Secret

03 February 2017

We have seen the incinerator contract and know why the Tory Councillors were so desperate to keep it secret!

Stroud Green Party reveal Cyber Security Blunder by GCC

30 January 2017

"Redacted" details in the incinerator contract are not so secret after all.

Climate Change Becoming Increasingly Severe

30 January 2017

New EEA Report makes "terrifying reading"

Government Must Properly Fund Adult Social Care

29 January 2017

Extra funding claims are "smoke and mirrors"

No Democratic Mandate for Leaving the Single Market

28 January 2017

Taking Britain out of the single market is reckless and a big gamble

Brexit: Make Your Voice Heard

17 January 2017

A powerful letter from Green Party member Rod Nelson. He argues that there is a brief window when the rush to Brexit can be slowed, halted and reversed..

Eva Ward - Our New County Council Candidate for Stroud Central

09 January 2017

Eva, former social worker and long-term Stroud resident, standing to replace Sarah Lunnon

Javelin Park: Demonstrating the case for Open Contracting

08 January 2017

The public still has no idea what they'll be spending on the incinerator - because all the documents are heavily redacted, including the value for money analysis.

GCC "Medium Term Financial Strategy" - Public Services Under Pressure

10 December 2016

Our Tory-dominated County Council pushes forward with "Austerity"

Show Us the Contracts

06 December 2016

Sarah Lunnon challenges the County Council to tell us what we're paying out on secretive private contracts


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