A strong Green campaign for Stroud & the Cotswolds

It’s time for Greens to bring real hope and real change in Stroud and the Cotswolds.

Voters will be going to choose their next MP next month. Help us send the message to Westminster that we demand real hope and real change.

The Conservative Party is facing oblivion, and Keir Starmer’s Labour vision for change looks like not much will change. People are in despair because they feel they must choose between Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer.

But as Greens, we know that’s not true. We can offer a beacon of hope in this election. We’ve got the best policies and Green MPs will always push the other parties to do better, no matter who is in government.

Elections cost a lot of money – so we need your help. Every donation will continue our work transforming politics across Stroud and the Cotswolds:

  • More posters and posterboards
  • More leaflets
  • More people seeing our social media
  • More hope for a Greener future
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