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Election Day Is Upon Us!

It’s election day tomorrow, the culmination of a hard few weeks pounding the pavements for our volunteer activists. Forgive us if we didn’t get around to knocking on your door! It’s nice to see Green posters sprouting up around our target wards.Canvassing in RWR

In Valley Ward, Green MEP Molly Scott Cato was in evidence, supporting Martin Baxendale‘s campaign and looking at local issues and problems that have been highlighted during canvassing – especially the potholes in local roads and what can be done about it.

Martin said “One of the commonest complaints I keep hearing is the state of the local roads. Like other Stroud councillors, I’m constantly chasing the county council to do something about the potholes. Yet repair and resurfacing schemes always seem to be planned and in the pipeline; but either with no definite start date, or a start date that keeps getting delayed and put back.” He and other local residents are getting so angry about the issue they are tempted to take matters into their own hands and start filling in the holes themselves.

Molly and Martin Inspect PotholesWhile Martin might not be able to solve the pothole problem single-handed, there have been some real success stories in his ward, like the continued protection of the Slad Valley, by the district council, from inappropriate large-scale development.

Whatever ward you live in, please remember to vote Green tomorrow. If we can retain our existing councillors and hopefully gain one or two more, we will be in a good position to influence policy-making in our district. Have a look at our elections page to see who’s standing in your ward.