General Election June 2017

Once again Stroud acts as a barometer for the rest of the country, with a suprise late surge for Labour seeing David Drew sprung out of retirement and into parliament. With dislike of the Tories among Greens at an all-time high, and the Labour / Tory race too close to call, many otherwise loyal Greens felt the need to vote tactically for Labour, which destroyed the Green vote. Ironically, many in the Labour party saw fit to attack us for standing, demonstrating an astonishing sense of entitlement (claiming we were taking "their" votes, when clearly the opposite is true). The end result: Labour (David Drew) 29,994 votes; Conservative (Neil Carmichael) 29,307; Lib Dem (Max Wilkinson) 2,053; Green (Sarah Lunnon) 1,423; UKIP (Glenville Gogerly) 1,039.


County Council Elections May 2017

Eva Ward and Rachel Smith

Eva Ward (Stroud Central) and Rachel Smith (Minchinhampton have been elected from the Stroud District to Gloucestershire County Council, doubling the Green Party representation at Shire Hall. 

There was as strong Green showing across the rest of the area, with Alan Mossman picking up 28% of the vote in Bisley and Painswick, and the overall average share of the Green vote across the areas where Green candidates stood in Stroud District at 25%. 


Here are the results in full:

Ward Turnout % Green Lab. Cons. LibDem UKIP Other Result
Bisley and Painswick 46% 1230   2163 964      Con
Cam Valley 39%   1456 2166 411     Con
Dursley 41%   1339 1574 608     Con
Hardwicke and Severn 34% 272 442 1655 470     Con
Minchinhampton 46% 2320   2293       Green
Nailsworth 46% 436 1722 1559 365   66 Lab
Rodborough 39% 488 1508 1048 292     Lab
Stonehouse 32% 251 1361 953 213 183   Lab
Stroud Central 41% 1742 1262 1000 242     Green
Wotton-under-Edge 45%    337 1545  1776 128    LibDem


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