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Election Results Are In and We Have 3 New Councillors!

Stroud Green Party now has eight green councillors on the district council, winning three new seats but unfortunately losing one by a whisker. Overall this is our best ever result, polling over 11,000 votes, with three new councillors across the district.Catherine Braun with Wotton Lib Dems at the count

Catherine Braun with her fellow Wotton councillors at the count

Jim Dewey scored a decisive victory in Coaley and Uley ward, with a lead of over 50% on his closest rival. Norman Kay took one of the three Nailsworth seats, also with a decisive lead, and Catherine Braun beat the Lib Dems to one of the three seats in Wotton Under Edge. Unfortunately Caroline Baird lost Central Ward (previously held by Green Kevin Cranston) by just 7 votes, to a new Labour candidate, Skeena Rathor. Many of Skeena’s views are very much in line with Green party policy so we have high hopes that she will work constructively with us on the council.

The Count

Our existing councillors Martin Baxendale (Valley), Jonathan Edmunds (Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe), Martin Whiteside (Brimscombe and Thrupp), John Marjoram (Trinity), and Simon Pickering (Slade) all retained their seats.

Please see our elections page for full details.

Many thanks to all the hard work of our campaigners, leafleting and canvassing over the last 4 weeks . With no one party having a majority, our eight councillors are likely to play a crucial role in the running of the council over the next 4 years.