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“Best Ever” results for Greens in Stroud Area

Greens stormed ahead of all the established political parties in Stroud area, beating Lib Dems, Labour and Conservative to finish 2nd, with 28% of the vote, just behind the Brexit Party.

The Green vote in the Stroud area was one of the highest in the whole country. Green votes increased across Gloucestershire, the South-West and the rest of the UK, most notably in Brighton and Bristol, where Greens came first overall with a spectacular 35% of the vote. Success in the UK was mirrored by a massive surge in Green votes across the whole of Europe.

Those parties[1] with a strong pro-remain, People’s Vote, message did extremely well in Stroud, polling 52% compared to the no-deal Brexit parties[2] that only managed 31%.

Councillor Martin Whiteside, Leader of the nine Greens on the Stroud District Council said “We are delighted to have re-elected Molly Scott Cato as our Green MEP. This vote shows Stroud people’s over-riding support for the key issues of the day which the Green Party have as clear priorities – tacking climate breakdown, stopping Brexit and reforming our failing democracy”.

Green Parliamentary Candidate Kevin Cranston, who is also Mayor of Stroud Town, said “this vote is a rejection of the failed two-party system which has let the country down, particularly in the last three years. The Greens are clear about what they stand for. We need to stop Brexit so that we can concentrate on what really matters; tackling climate change and dealing with the cruel inequalities caused by Austerity. Only the Greens have the vision to rebuild the social and physical infrastructure of the country without damaging the environment. But to do this we need more representatives to join Caroline Lucas in Westminster.”


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[2] Brexit Party and UKIP