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Calling on Stroud’s MP to back a Peoples Vote

People's Vote

The Coordinators of Stroud District Green Party write to highlight our support for People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

It is good to see a Stroud constituent asking David Drew MP and the Labour party to clarify their position on whether Jeremy Corbyn will still lead us out of the EU, albeit possibly on different terms, even if the Government falls and Labour win a General Election (SNJ letter – Corbyn has risked Labour losing Stroud). To lead a ‘Labour Brexit’ would be manifestly against the wishes of the vast majority of Labour Party members and, recent polling indicates, against the current wishes of the the British People. It is astounding that this might be done in the name of democracy.

A feature of democracy is that the will of the people is regularly tested, in periodic elections or when circumstances change. In fact, a democracy that is unable to change its mind is no longer a democracy.

We are proud that two wise Green women, Caroline Lucas MP and our own Molly Scott Cato MEP from Stroud, have been leading the campaign for a People’s Vote. The time is right – we now know so much more about hard and soft Brexits, can see the difficulties with backstops, and are sure that slogans plastered on the side of a bus were lies. It’s also now obvious that the politicians in parliament have failed us. Most importantly, young people must have a voice – it is their future after all.

The Labour Party has a historic opportunity to work with Greens, Lib Dems, Scottish Nationalists and some Tories to ensure that democracy didn’t end on June 23rd 2016. David Drew and Jeremy Corbyn need to tell us now whether they are brave enough to rise above Party squabbles and act.

Kiera Jones and Martin Whiteside – Coordinators, Stroud District Green Party