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Coffee House Discussion: Carbon Capture and Storage – 13th April 2018

Join us for the next ‘Coffee House Discussion’ hosted by Stroud Green Party on Friday 13th April at the Star Anise Cafe in Stroud from 7:30 pm. This series of talks, open to all, explore key issues on environmental action and green politics.

Here’s how series organiser, Rod Nelson, describes the upcoming session:

‘Climate change is upon most of us, and the scientific consensus points towards an alarming and unstable situation resulting from human industrialisation. International agreements indicate that ‘de-carbonisation’ of the entire human economy must be achieved rapidly and on a worldwide basis in order to attempt to stabilize the disrupted global climate mechanisms.

One of the key technologies highlighted which is potentially effective, both to limit emissions of the carbon gases and to de-carbonise the atmosphere, is Carbon Capture and Storage. However, the concept has caused discomfort and controversy in environmentalist circles for a number of reasons. Our discussion will not be shy of this debate and will consist of an expert professional presentation of the technology from research scientist Tim Dixon, but with a counter-presentation of the reservations from a ‘Green perspective’.’

Admission is free. All welcome.