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Open Letter to David Drew

An open Letter to David Drew, MP;

We are appalled that Theresa May wants to commit UK forces to supporting the US in greater involvement in the Syria conflict without even consulting parliament. This is a dangerous situation risking deadly escalation to a global conflict.

The context to this is significant:
– trust and communication between Putin and “western” allies is at an all-time low
– it is not in the UK’s interests to become closer allies with a volatile US President whose newly appointed national security advisor was one of the leading advocates of the US led invasion of Iraq
– Mrs May’s attempts to appear strong and decisive suggests she may be using this to divert attention from Brexit and other tricky troubles at home. This is not the way to run our country.

All use of chemical weapons and all use and selling of conventional or other weapons that indiscriminately kill and maim civilians, including many children, should be vigorously opposed. But any attempt to intervene militarily in Syria may only add to the conflict and strengthen the many Al Qaida-backed and other forces engaged with the various rebel groups.

There is no justification for military engagement in the absence of any plan for ending the war and rebuilding Syria as a peaceful society. It also ignores the fundamental fact that military action in another state is illegal; without any justification of self-defence (even intervention in Iraq was pegged to the deceitful “45-minute” claim). There is barely any talk about the UN and the international legal framework.

We insist on a parliamentary decision before any involvement and oppose this UK involvement in military action in favour of diplomatic pressure and the rebuilding of essential dialogue and trust between the super-powers.

Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for South West England and Gibralter
Cllr Martin Whiteside, Leader of the Greens on Stroud District Council

Cllr Kevin Cranston, Mayor of Stroud
Kiera Jones, Coordinator, Stroud Green Party
Cllr Martin Baxendale

Cllr Catherine Braun

Cllr Jonathan Edmunds

Cllr Norman Kay

Cllr John Marjoram