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Green Councillors Voice Their Views on Trump’s Visit

On July 13th the people of the UK will have the opportunity of the world stage to express our opinion on the current occupant of the White House, when Mr Trump visits. The Green Party strongly supports plans to meet and greet the President with a clear message: shame on you Donald Trump!

The list of outrages perpetrated by this man is long; from his attitudes toward women, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, the EU and other US allies, to name a few. His insults know no bounds and no borders. Even the Mayor of London, hours after a terrorist attack on his city, was the target of Trump’s nastiness and petty name calling.

But if it were simply a matter of style or lack of courtesy and respect, it would not be so urgent for the people of the UK to make their views known.

Unfortunately, the actions, policies and words of this man are damaging our world and in many cases the impact will be felt for generations. Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, like a churlish bully, is just one action with long term, even permanent, repercussions.

On his personal Twitter feed, Trump has called climate change, among other things, “a hoax,” “an expensive hoax,” “fictional,” “mythical,” “a canard,” “a con job,” “bullshit” and “laughable”. This is not a person who will negotiate in good faith or make decisions based on solid evidence or science.

It is urgent we speak out. To do less risks normalising this man and his erratic behaviour, twitter insults and slurs, and disregard for the international norms, treaties and institutions that enable nations to work for the common good and promote peace.

Signed by Sarah Lunnon on behalf of Stroud’s Green Party County Councillors and District Councillors