Working With Nature

The issues of flooding has been rising higher and higher up the national agenda, and as our rainfall arrives in heavier irregular pulses it is expected to get worse. The Stroud valleys are particularly vulnerable, the steepness of the escarpment leading to rapid, flash flooding. The vale has its own vulnerabilities, due to the Severn and its vast flood plain.

If we are to defend our communities, and protect our transport links and economy we need to find answers to the dangers posed by changing weather patterns. Natural Flood Management, working in the upper reaches of the streams and rivers with small works which slow the flow can have major impacts. Reducing flood risk at low cost, they use natural materials which fit in with the beauty of our landscapes and the local skills available in farming communities.

Sarah Lunnon and Eva Ward with Korean Green Party visitors

Sarah Lunnon with Stroud County Councillor Eva Ward and visitors from Seoul visiting the Natural Flood Management (NFM) on the Ebworth Estate, Sheepscombe. In case you are wondering the NFM is the large lock they are all standing on.