New Recycling Scheme Achieves Massive Reduction in Landfill Waste

District Council Green Party Leader, Martin Whiteside is astounded and delighted with the latest figures for reduced waste being sent to landfill and the tremendous increase in recycling resulting from the District Council’s new collection scheme. Martin Whiteside commented:

“These figures are really amazing and a credit to both the people of Stroud District and the new waste collection scheme of the District Council. Not only has there been a massive increase in recycling, there has been an even greater reduction in waste being sent to landfill. It is also great to see food waste being collected and converted to gas for heating and fertiliser for growing crops, rather than included in the landfill.”

Martin Whiteside added: “The success of the District Council’s refuse and recycling collection scheme is an example of all parties working together with the leadership of the Green Chair of the Environment Committee, Simon Pickering. What a contrast this is to the Tory-led County Council, which has forced through an environmentally and financially disastrous incinerator; spending up to £200,000 trying and failing to keep the details of the contract secret from ordinary council tax payers”