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“Refugees are Welcome” March September 17th

People are drowning as they try to reach safety in Europe. Others are trapped, endangered and criminalised in appalling conditions in Calais, and every day vulnerable migrant children are going missing – it has to stop.

Please join us at the march in London on 17th September to say ‘Refugees are welcome here’.

The UK is a generous, welcoming country. We know we have a moral duty – as well as responsibility under international law – to respond to the displacement of people around the globe.

But the Government is failing to fulfil its promises to help people in need. The number of refugees resettled here in the last year is pitiful – even compared to the low numbers promised. The processing of asylum applications is inexcusably slow – not least for children in Calais entitled to come to the UK.

Please join us and march in solidarity with refugees on 17th September. Let’s send a loud message to Theresa May and her Government that we will not accept this cruelty. We must offer sanctuary to people forced out of their homes by war and persecution – not turn them away from our shores.

What can you do?

In solidarity,

Stroud Greens with Jean Lambert (Green MEP for London and Green Party migration spokesperson)