Public Meeting on “R4C”, Monday 21st

If you’d like to learn more about proposals for an R4C (Resource Recovery, Refining and Recycling Centre) near Stroud, come along to a public meeting on Monday, September 21st at the Old Town Hall in Stroud (7:30-9pm).

R4C would treat Gloucestershire’s “black bag” waste using Mechanical, Biological and Heat Treatment (MBHT). This separates out recyclates, removes water and forms a solid fuel from most of the rest. Because harmful substances like plastics and metals have been removed, the fuel can be burnt cleanly in industrial processes. It’s the kind of technology that the Green Party have long been arguing for as a greener and more cost effective alternative to the incinerator.

The R4C team are hoping that, even at this late stage, the R4C proposal could undermine the business case for the incinerator and prevent its construction.

Kevin McCloud explains the idea in this video:

R4C is a community project and the team are looking for volunteers to help in many different capacities.