“We Embrace the Joy”!

Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide win in the Labour leadership election has delighted many Stroud Greens. One of his first acts as leader was to give an eloquent and passionate speech at a rally in support of refugees, attended by several local members.

Sarah Lunnon said today:

“As the Parliamentary Spokesperson for Stroud and District Green Party I’d like to congratulate the Labour Party on electing Jeremy Corbyn. A leader with who Greens can agree on a wide range of issues, bringing an anti-establishment voice to the front bench in Westminster and a stab in the eye, foot and knee for the neoliberal consensus. We embrace the joy.

“The selectively quoted propaganda coming out of Tory head office aimed at Jeremy Corbyn and splayed across some newspapers is breathtaking. It reminds me of the twice-election-losing New Labour’s response to the SNP – sour, uninspiring and misjudged. The political landscape has shifted, there is no longer a Westminster consensus on austerity, but the old guard are fighting the old battles.

“Politics is clearly changing. Making confident assertions about what will happen next is like using a road map in space. Almost no one predicted that this would happen, and so almost no one can reasonably claim to be sure about what will happen next. Greens will meet the new politics with honesty and openness. Yes to Corbyn’s social justice agenda, yes to his critique of austerity and the need for People’s QE and now for action to protect our countryside, our communities and our climate, for environmental security.”

For a deeper analysis on what the Corbyn win may mean for Labour and the Greens, please see our previous article here.