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Could you be the next Green Councillor for your community?

Stroud District Green Party has opened a call for candidates to stand in the 2021 District Council elections.

With Green leadership, Stroud District Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2018, and the Council is now working on an ambitious plan to make the district Carbon Neutral by 2030. As we head towards elections for all 51 Council seats, Stroud District Green Party is seeking candidates who can bring their skills, expertise and passion to making that plan a reality.

Community members and campaigners from across Stroud District have been at the forefront of tackling climate change: from transition town groups and eXtinction Rebellion activists, to local climate action groups and entrepreneurs running sustainable businesses.

As a grassroots political party, we are keen to support green-minded local residents who want to take the next step in creating change, by running to be elected to the District Council.

A new guide, “Stand for what you believe in: Be a Green Party Councillor’, produced by the Green Party and the Local Government Association (LGA) provides more information about the role of a Councillor, and we’ve addressed some of the questions you might have in our FAQ below.

Could you stand? You can find an application pack with nomination forms at the bottom of this page.

Being a Green Candidate: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you looking for?

Councillors represent the ward for which they are elected, and are part of the policy and decision making of the Council. They play an important communication and community leadership role: connecting between local and District wide action.

We are looking for people who are passionate about addressing climate change, and building inclusive, sustainable and thriving communities across Stroud District.

We are looking for candidates with a wide range of backgrounds and skills: from housing, energy or sustainable business experts, to active community members with their finger-on-the-pulse of local concerns, able to make sure the journey to Carbon Neutral 2030 takes the whole community along.

Who can stand?

Any member of Stroud District Green Party who is over 18*, and has the right to stand in the local election can be nominated as a candidate. If you are not currently a member, you are able to join in order to become a candidate.

Potential candidates are interviewed by our elections group, and then selected by a vote of the local party.

(*The Green Party campaigns for Votes at 16, but at the moment the law only allows over 18s to stand).

What support will I get?

Stroud District Green Party elections group will work with each candidate to identify a campaign strategy for their area. This might involve supporting press engagement, or arranging volunteers for leaflet delivery. Campaign training will be available.

Elected Green councillors work together as a Green Group, and currently form the administration in alliance with Labour and Liberal Democrats. The Green Group provides a supportive space for new Councillors, and local party volunteers support Councillors to distribute leaflets and engage with the local community.

Additional support is also available for disabled candidates. Disability Rights UK administer the EnAble Fund for Elected Office.

How much time does it take?

The time commitment before the elections in May 2021 will depend on the campaign strategy for your area, and can be discussed with the elections group, and based around your availability.

If you are elected, the majority of District Council meetings are in the evenings, and depending on the committees a Councillor is part of, and their role in the local party (e.g. Leader) the role can take between 5 and 25 hours a week.

District Councillors receive an annual allowance of £5,265 and support to cover expenses (including childcare expenses)

What about Town and Parish Councils?

We are also keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved in their local Town or Parish Council. There will also be Town and Parish Council elections in 2021.

What’s the next step?

If you are ready to apply as a candidate get in touch with our elections co-ordinators Helen Heathfield or Lynn Haanen to discuss a potential application.

If you are not able to stand as a candidate, but you know someone who would make a great candidate, ask them to stand.

Rachel Smith, Green County Councillor, talks briefly about getting involved in particular areas of interest on the council. This is relevant to being both a district and parish councillor.