South West Green MEP arrested in nuclear bombs protest in Belgium

Green MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, is one of three MEPs arrested after breaking into a Belgian military airbase to protest against its stockpiling of American B61 nuclear bombs [1]. The MEPs scaled the perimeter fence and blocked the runway, unfurling a banner which read: “Europe Free of Nuclear weapons.” The MEPs are currently being held in a local police station and being questioned. They are likely to be released later today. […]

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Green Calls for Climate Emergency Go National: Sign the Petition

Yesterday, Green Party Co-Leader Sian Berry, and Bristol City Councillor Carla Denyer were on Channel 4’s ‘The Political Slot’, talking about Green Party-led calls to declare a Climate Emergency, and take the action needed to address the current climate crisis.
A petition has now started to call for a national declaration. […]

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Green Party statement on Extinction Rebellion action at Ebley Mill, 6 February

As every new scientific study is published it becomes clearer and clearer that we are facing a climate emergency greater than we ever imagined. It is already leading to mass extinctions, forced migration and threats to our ways of life. We believe that this difficult message must be told plainly and clearly alongside information and actions to both radically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and help us adapt to our changing future. We believe it is essential that all organisations work together to achieve this. […]

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