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Yvonne Dignon: our Candidate for Dursley By-election

Stroud District Green Party’s Candidate for the Dursley by-election (set for November 15, 2018) is Yvonne Dignon, a retired teacher and local community volunteer.Yvonne Dignon

As a former teacher, Yvonne recognises the importance of community; and saw first-hand how Government action or inaction affected her students and their life chances.

“This election will take place just five weeks after the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its ‘catastrophic’ report on the impact of climate breakdown spelling out the impacts that will affect the life chances of us all,” said Yvonne. “The IPCC report gives us just 12 years in which to limit climate breakdown – about when Megan and Harry’s baby would be starting senior school.”

Yvonne believes that what is required is actually simple to understand: we have to stop using fossil fuels. “We have to leave them in the ground. The time for business as usual is over, we require emergency action to defend our lives and our countryside, secure a transformation to clean renewable energy and protect our communities and families from the threat of extreme weather and climate breakdown.”