StroudCo: An easy way to build a resilient local food economy

If your New Year resolutions involve eating heathy, locally-produced organic produce, then why not consider joining StroudCo?StroudCo

Stroudco Food Hub is a true co-operative; a not-for-profit social enterprise made up of 85 local food producer members, and 700+ shopper members, who collectively own and manage this online grocer. They supply a huge range of local and organic produce; but they urgently need to increase their customer base. You can order food and drink online here, where you can also browse the full catalogue with no obligation to buy. You can open a Stroudco account here free of charge. You can then choose to pay £1 each time you place an order, or instead pay £2 per month (as membership of the co-op) and not have to pay the £1 per order.

They offer delivery to your door (locally only) for a small charge, or orders can be picked up at Stroud Valleys School in the town centre on Saturdays. You can also add some non-local “cupboard” items to your order (also ethically sourced).

With increasing focus recently on the big supermarkets and the way they squeeze out small producers and promote wastage of food, this is a great opportunity to “cut out the middle-man” while reducing food miles: and prices are kept low thanks to the efforts of StroudCo’s volunteers.