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Local blog Awarded 5th Best Green Blogger 2015

Ruscombe Green, a local blog started by former Stroud District councillor Philip Booth in 2006, has been awarded the title of UK’s fifth best ‘Green Blogger’ by GreenMatch. This was just behind Greenpeace, The Ecologist, Transition Network and Wrap.

Philip Booth, who still writes occasionally for the blog said: “I am delighted that the blog has been recognised. We have over 4,000 blog posts on the site and a number of loyal readers. I started the blog as a way to communicate with local residents about my activities when I was a councillor, but it quickly broadened to other wider green issues.”

In recent months since Philip stepped down from being a councillor, three other bloggers have added their voice regularly to the blog.

Alex Lodge, a newly elected Town councillor in Dursley, said: “I’ve enjoyed the blog as a reader for some time and it is wonderful to now be a contributor. It isn’t just a blog for ‘greens’ but gives an honest and personal perspective in to current issues.”

Suzanne Jones, another author, who lives in Fairford, said: “The blog covers a wide range of issues, both local, national and international and I certainly learn things from the other bloggers. We also welcome guest submissions from other people.”