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Incinerator Meeting Jan 30th

Think a Massive Incinerator near Stonehouse would be Rubbish?Anti-incinerator kids
What we should do with our waste?

Interested? then come to ‘A Stonehouse Conversation’

When: Friday 30th January, 7.30-9.30
Where: The Globe Inn, Stonehouse

Its impossible not to make rubbish: we are a long way off a closed loop economy, where everything is re-used or recycled. So there needs to be a plan to deal with the black bag rubbish. It would appear that an Incinerator is not what the people of Stroud District, or the County Councillors on the Planning Committee, wanted.

So what should we do now? What are the figures? How much waste do we make? Why are recycling figures so much smoke and mirrors? How can I lose all that excess post-festive weight?

Hosted by the Stroud District Green Party, with Jane Green (from Zero-Waste England), Chris Jockel (Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party) and Chaired by Sarah Lunnon (County Councillor).