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“Wrap Up Trident” Demo Jan 24th

In sunny August, 7 miles of pink peace scarf, knitted around the world, were taken to ‪‎Aldermaston‬ to connect and loudly highlight two nuclear bomb factories in Berkshire. This national event was well supported by Stroudies, including Jayne Rose who masterminded Wool Against Weapons.

On 24th Jan this incredible scarf will now be taken to London, to be wrapped around Parliament and the MOD! Scrapping ‪‎Trident‬ is a key ‪Green Party‬ commitment – not only are our country’s abominable missiles capable of killing many millions of people, think what the £100bn needed to maintain/replace them could do instead, for good, in our society!

After the May general election there will be a key commons vote to make a final decision on replacing Trident. We need to make as much noise as we can now to make our feelings known on this issue.

Please see the CND web site for details of the demo. Contact Cllr John Marjoram by this Thursday if you’d like a seat on a coach going from Stroud – 01453 750962