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Molly and Martin

Molly Scott Cato and Martin Baxendale

Choosing a more secure future

Even though she only started work as an MEP at the beginning of July, local Green politician Molly Scott Cato has already challenged risky and irresponsible banking, countering David Cameron’s desire to see the City of London exempt from EU legislation. She’s also been working to make sure risky banking isn’t underwritten by the rest of us.

Molly Scott Cato said: “Greens in the European Parliament have been working in committee to build agreement to end the moral hazard where banks can take risks at citizens’ expense.”

As agriculture is so critical to the South West economy, she has also joined the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. Molly Scott Cato has championed issues of food security for many years and as a councillor in the Valley ward contributed to the ongoing fight against inappropriate development there.

Molly Scott Cato said: ‘For the long term, we need low impact lifestyles and sustainable rural economies that give us food security. Development driven by greed will not deliver any of that. Slad Valley has been in the front line thanks to successive Labour and Tory governments and their planning decisions. We need to keep resisting this irresponsible, short term thinking.”


The accompanying photo shows Molly Scot Cato MEP, and Martin Baxendale, (Green candidate in the Valley by-election), in Summer Street, Stroud, above the much contested Baxter’s Field site. Photograph copyright Gary Learmonth.