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UKIP’s Lost MEP’s

JR Ford of Painswick needs to understand that the “embittered former UKIP MEP” he refers to is entitled to change his mind about UKIP.

Indeed, 6 of UKIP MEPs elected in 2009, did just that and resigned, but only after being elected. They didn’t give up their seats though, so presumably, that’s why JR Ford thinks MEPs are just ‘on the gravy train’.

UKIP has had several members who thought they should be leader and left when they were rejected. They have also been notable for unacceptable behaviour in the EU parliament. Your readers will draw their own conclusions as to the quality of the candidates UKIP attract.

JR Ford also attacks Green policies that show consideration to minority groups, For those in the District who thought UKIP were a haven for their protest vote, it’s time to think about the history of right wing populism and what they might bring upon themselves.

Gerald Hartley