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Greens highlight fracking consultation

Currently, the UK government are running a public consultation on fracking. Stroud District Green Party are concerned that there is little public awareness of this consultation process.

Green candidate for the Valley ward by-election, Martin Baxendale, said: “For a consultation to be meaningful, people have to know about it and have chance to make their opinions heard. We want to encourage everyone in Stroud District to let the government know what they think of fracking.”

Jim Dewey, Uley Parish Councillor and recent SDC candidate said: “Reports of Fracking causing ground water pollution and destruction of our environment means I am opposed to Fracking in our area and I have registered my opposition to drilling under my home. I would urge others to do the same and use the government consultation process to send them a clear message that Fracking is not the answer to our energy needs.”

The Green Party has been the only Party to really question the logic of fracking and to protest against its impact on our land, homes and lives. Councillor Martin Whiteside, leader of the Green Group on the District Council said:

‘We will oppose any attempt to frack in our District. Fracking makes no sense and is just a way for some companies to make money while devastating our countryside and causing further global warming. I am proud that Green MP Caroline Lucas was arrested (and then acquitted by the courts!) for peacefully protesting against fracking in Sussex – it is so good to see a Green MP standing up for what she believes, while MPs from other parties are arrested for fiddling their expenses. We will take the same stand in Gloucestershire.’