Sarah Lunnon

Sarah LunnonSarah represents Stroud Central on Gloucestershire County Council, and stood as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Stroud in the May 2015 general election.  She now acts as parliamentary spokesperson for the local party.

Sarah has served the people of Stroud since 2004, first as a District Councillor and now as a County Councillor, having been overwhelmingly re-elected for a second term in 2013.  She is an inspiring public speaker, un-daunted by her challenging role as the only Green councillor in Shire Hall.

Her achievements as a Councillor have included  

  • the introduction of 20mph limits in Stroud, improving pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • the start of natural flood management across the Frome catchment to help reduce the threat of serious flood risk.
  • spearheading opposition to the Javelin Park incinerator at the County Council: exposing secret decision-making, poor value for money and environmental damage.

Elect Sarah to Parliament and she will work with Caroline Lucas MP:-

  • •FOR a truly public NHS
  • FOR a workable alternative to the Coalition's cruel austerity measures
  • FOR action to tackle climate change
  • FOR warm, affordable homes
  • FOR the abolition of tuition fees

Commenting on her selection in March 2015, Sarah said:

"We need strong, persistent voices calling for and taking action on these issues. I will work to protect you, your family and your world.
As a mother and a partner of a sole trader, I understand what is to manage on a squeezed income. I know that for many the unfair policies of austerity - the mistakes of the rich being paid for by the poor - have resulted in poverty, hunger and a loss of hope. It is time for an end to austerity and the start of a fair economy that rewards us all."

MEP Molly Scott Cato said "We need Greens like Sarah to be elected to Parliament"

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 Sarah receiving a petition on the incinerator

Sarah receiving a 38 degrees petition to release the costs of the Javelin Park Incinerator Contract, February 2015