Why you should vote Green on May 6: Stroud District Green Party sets out its election stall

Some candidates at a Zoom meeting

Greens are the fastest-growing party in the Stroud area, with an ever-increasing number of communities electing Green councillors to represent them.

“We think more people are voting Green because they like the combination of social justice, environmental protection and our ability to get things done quickly and on budget,” said Martin Whiteside, who leads the nine Greens on the District Council. “Greens represent local communities in a different way from other parties, because we are not subject to the party whip – so the community comes first, and the electorate likes that.”

As part of a cross-party alliance running Stroud District Council, we have proved we can work with other parties. We are proud of Stroud’s achievements: the first council in Europe to be carbon neutral, setting the goal of making the whole of Stroud District carbon neutral by 2030 (approved unanimously by the council), the successful canal restoration, cycle routes, switching to electric vans, supporting local businesses and communities through the pandemic, and the development of new community hubs.

On top of this, in the face of an enormous housing crisis Stroud has continued to build council houses and have ensured that all new council houses will meet the top rating for energy efficiency, keeping tenants warm while reducing both bills and carbon emissions.

Deputy Green leader Catherine Braun said: “In all areas Green councillors are pushing for improved services, for instance under the leadership of Green councillor Simon Pickering we have doubled recycling rates and cut residual waste. Moreover, under the sharp scrutiny of the Greens, the council has remained financially sound, with reserves in the bank used over the past year to keep frontline services running.”

In contrast, the Tory-controlled County Council has a failing record: never-ending potholes, threatened closure of Severn View School, serious problems with children’s services and secretive cost overruns to build a polluting incinerator - and poor financial management. Stroud District’s Green County Councillors, Rachel Smith and Eva Ward, have been fighting hard to make improvements. “We desperately need more Greens elected across Gloucestershire to turn things around at county level,” said Rachel Smith. “We would then be able to work with other parties to insist on transparency and positive change. Vote Green and we will do it”.


On May 6, Stroud District Green Party is standing 6 candidates for Gloucestershire County Council, 32 for Stroud District Council and 12 for Stroud Town Council. This is a strong team with a strong message. We are confident of increasing our presence at all three levels of local government, because voters have seen that Greens get elected here and that we are proactive in accomplishing positive change in the community.

The picture shows some of our County and District candidates.