Statement by Stroud District Council Alliance Leaders


In response to the findings of the investigation into the complaints by Stroud District Council’s Monitoring Officer regarding social media tweets by Cllr Debbie Young, Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat Alliance leaders wish to put on record our disappointment that explanations for the judgement shows very limited understanding of the lived experience of direct and indirect racism, the impact of structural and institutional racism or the experiences that sparked the Black Lives Matter protests around the world.

We note that this judgement is the outcome of an independent legal process, which is not part of the political decision making of the Council.

We stand in solidarity with members of Stroud district’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities and call for a review of the Council’s members’ Code of Conduct, to ensure it meets the needs of today’s society. We support mandatory equality and racism awareness training for all members and staff of the Council.

We call upon the leader of the Conservative Group to publicly censure Cllr Young for her tweets, and for the Conservative Party to carry out an investigation into her social media activities in relation to their stated code of conduct for its elected representatives, which expects them to support equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion, and the absence of all inappropriate behaviour.

Cllr Doina Cornell - Leader of Labour Councillors

Cllr Martin Whiteside - Leader of Green Councillors

Cllr Ken Tucker - Leader of Liberal Democrat Councillors