European Elections Manifesto

The Green Party believes that Europe is about hope, peace and genuine prosperity for all. Greens recognise that the European Union enables nations to work together for the common good. Its real wealth lies in our skilful people and the abundance of our environment.

Stroud now has the opportunity to elect a local woman - Molly Scott Cato - to represent us in Europe. As leader of the Greens on Stroud District Council, Molly has helped to secure investment in local food production; warmer homes and lower energy bills; and a living wage for all council staff. As a Professor of Sustainable Economics, she understands economic issues and can offer real alternatives to austerity and crisis.

Greens are different. We have many women in high-profile positions and lots of young people who are inspired by our vision for their future. We sound different. We don't shout or abuse people who disagree with us; we tell the facts as they are and recommend solutions. Studies show Greens are some of the hardest-working MEPs in the European Parliament and we're open and honest about our work.

We won't walk away from Europe like some parties; we want to change it to a Europe that serves the people rather than the corporate lobbyists who like things run on a business-as-usual basis. So we put communities before fracking; local businesses before multinationals; animal rights and safe food and medicines before pharmaceutical interests and intensive farming. We want a peaceful, secure future for our children and that means urgent action to tackle climate change.

The Green MEPs' group in Europe is larger than the groups that Conservatives and UKIP belong to. Green MEPs have won tougher climate-change-reduction targets and secured a cap on bankers' bonuses. They have stood up for your right not to be overworked and spied on, and battled against cuts in public services. Molly Scott Cato's skills and insights will strengthen that Green voice, and the local voice, at European level.

We invite you to join our efforts to turn anger against Europe into new hope for our common European home. Europe must change; it must transform and reform. In this centenary year of the start of the First World War, let us share with you our vision of a Europe that returns to its original mission of achieving peace and prosperity for all, a Europe for the common good.


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