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Green group welcomes rethink of parking charge proposals

Following a decision at Stroud District Council to pause plans for the introduction of Car Park Charges, Green Group leader Councillor Martin Whiteside said “I am delighted that the Labour councillors are now planning to ‘think again’ on car parking charges. Within the cooperation alliance, Greens have been encouraging an approach based on listening to local communities and finding ways to support vibrant high streets while also tackling issues like congestion, air polution, safe walking and cycling. We should be working in partnership with local town councils and traders to keep our market towns great. It is good to see common sense prevail.” […]

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Statement from Stroud Green Party 24th April 2017

The co-leaders of the National Green Party, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, have written to the leaders of the Labour and Liberal Democrats urging them to unite to stop the Tories ‘wrecking Britain’. Lucas and Bartley are calling for a meeting between party leaders to discuss ways to beat the Tories at the General Election and deliver a fairer voting system. We are waiting to see if there is any interest from Labour and Liberal Democrats. […]

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